About the EBAAA

The Electric Boat Apprentice Alumni Association was founded in 1959 to promote the moral, educational and social welfare of its members. The Association has five classes of membership.

These classes are

  • Honorary
  • Regular (active & inactive)
  • Advisory
  • Life
  • Associate

All regular members are either active apprentices or graduate apprentices of the apprentice program at Electric Boat Corporation. The Association consists of 6 officers, 12 members of the board of directors and approximately 530 members.

Apprentice Alumni Pin

  • 1 - The starting point of formal apprentice training at Electric Boat.

  • 2 - Two wings or arms, one representing the class room training and the other the on-the-job training.

  • 3 & 4 - The graduate and Electric Boat working together, or holding the training to the best possible standards.

  • 5 - The key product for which the training is provided.

  • 6 - Water represents the miscellaneous contract work and training. (Note: This laps into the training arms)

  • 7 - The background is labled General Dynamics because we are part of, and supported by, the Corporation as a whole.

  • 8 - The year you became part of this important Journeymen's team.